Frix Art - making re-imagined furnishings into functional art
Available "functional art" can be seen at Twigs & Tweeds & Grazing Moose in Seward AK and Estes Bro's store in Moose Pass AK
Sherie (Estes) Fryxell is originally from Moose Pass and currently resides in Seward Alaska, she is the youngest of seven children.  Sherie's family has a long history in Alaska, which began in 1917 when her grandmother, Leora (Estes) Roycroft moved here with her husband and 5 sons.  After settling in Moose Pass Leora was the first Postmistress and officially named the community in 1928.  Sherie's father, Ed Estes, lived his life of 84 years in Moose Pass, delivering mail and groceries by dog sled, logging, building many of the mine roads that lead up the sides of the mountains in the nearby area and was the town Fire Chief among many other things.  The family still owns the Estes Brothers store and water wheel tourist attraction in "downtown Moose Pass". 
Sherie's long Alaskan lineage and love for the "Great Land" is communicated through her painting, she does work as a full time manager for a local agency.  "Painting relieves my stess", often times her husband will have a relaxing glass of wine and paint brush waiting for her when she comes home.  Her art is released mixed with her love and joy onto the background of her projects. 
Sherie and her husband Dave work together to make re-cycled furnishings into beautiful re-imagined pieces of functional art.  Their son Jaden, also helps and is an inspiration in much of their work.  Dave takes the tired used furnishings, repairs and prepares them, presenting Sherie with  a beautiful canvas to paint with.  Sherie sees color and design in nature and animals that she sees in her life here in Alaska.  Her and her family work together and inspire each other's imagination - the end result is what you see and enjoy. 
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